About Me

Hi there!

My name is Cherie and I’m here to have a conversation with you about the the dirt you’ve been given in life.

Life is Muddy…Embrace the Dirt is a mindset to accept the things life throws at us, adapt to the new normal and to continually find ways to cultivate that dirt into better opportunities to grow.

I understand struggle.

Living with chronic illness you may have experienced many of the same things I have beyond trying to feel well, including being a single parent, financial dirt and even homelessness. I’ve experienced all kinds of abuse, bullying as a child and a whole lot of lows.

Life is Muddy and I found out really fast that I had to learn how to embrace the dirt I had been given.

Throughout the survival part of my life, I didn’t think that life would get better. No real support system, living with all kinds of fears and very little skills, so I thought. I thought about and even attempted suicide more than once.

Where are you on your dreams?

Dream…seriously, dream big no matter how ridiculous it seems in your life right now. The one thing that I’m the very best at is dreaming.

Well, I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t think that I had really achieved any of mine yet. It wasn’t until one night before Mother’s Day that I realized that I was already living one of my dreams.

I have had a dream since I was a child to have a homestead or a farm or something along those lines. It’s one that I shared with my childhood best friend. We’d dream about living on a farm together, raising our children together.

When I dream this dream I visualized myself always in the kitchen. My job is to run the household and keep everyone fed. Each time I have the dream, our table is huge, very long and none of the faces down it are alike and yet everyone is family.

I’m there.

I made it.

Is it everything I thought it would be? Is this the family I saw in my dreams? I’m not sure, I was too young when I first had the dream. I buried it somewhere along the way and I don’t even remember when. It still burned inside of me even though it was buried. I want you to find that dream that has been buried.

Here I am. I have reached a goal in life and didn’t even realize it. It may be modified from what I thought it would be, but it’s still here.  

In all honesty though…

I am not even close to being as healthy as I am in my dreams.

Life has not been good to me. I suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and obesity. I had a complete mental breakdown in 2016 and diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017. I live with many social anxieties.  I’m pretty much scared shitless of everything beyond my home. This is just a few of the piles of dirt I’m dealing with…. the list is long and I know that so many of you can relate.

I have made huge mistakes in not taking care of myself. Some out of pure exhaustion and having no more to give even to myself. Some is out of not having the right health care team.

I want to help you as I navigate my own “catch up” in life.

I have had successes though! I’ve been able to lose 40 pounds without exercise.

On my own and all I did was change what I was eating. Seriously, I HATE to exercise. I’d much rather find things within my own routine of taking care of my home to use as exercise than to go to a gym. I got off the couch and both myself and my home are better for it.

I’ve found plenty of ways to do this in everyday life. I am excited to share them with you.

Do I still have chronic pain and struggle?

Very much so but I know that if I continue to set goals and implement baby steps that I can achieve better wellness in my life. I may never be considered “healthy” but as long as I can live happy, that’s good enough for me.

As I travel through my own journeys, I want to share with you the tools I am finding to help you along the way too.

Another confession: I don’t really have a homestead…. Yet.

In May of 2016, the love of my life bought his first home. A dream he was able to fulfill by working hard on his dirt.

While looking, we had a dream property of several acres we wanted but our budget said otherwise. So, we are creating an urban homestead in a small town we adore. That’s ok!!! I’m finding out that our little .26 acre is just fine for what my ability is at this time.

Creating this homestead is my therapy. It will be physically demanding, give me an opportunity to create and learn plus feed my family.

I’ll share with you how I’m adapting to meet the challenges of this undertaking and how you can find ways to be a homesteader too, no matter where you live, even an apartment!

I’ve always dreamt of helping others

I’ve been attempting to save the world since I was a child. I was often told I couldn’t. My answer was always the same….. Watch me.

I have helped many along my way in life. I’ve helped get businesses going, non profits, helped people find their way in a health journey and all kinds of things. Isn’t that what a good friend is supposed to do?

I want to help more. That’s what I want this blog to do.

Welcome to The Muddy Puddle

A place I’ll share what I’ve learned along my way in life to cope with being shoveled dirt, one truck load after another.

I’ll also share tools to work with new dirt that will come up so that you can achieve your life dreams, even if they need to be modified. <3

The first step is to dream.

What dream would you like to start with?

Contact me and let me know what you’re working on!