Gift of love – A Handmade Shawl

October 9, 2017 Gratitude JournalReal Life  2 comments

I received a beautiful gift from someone who doesn’t even know me.

A few weeks ago I posted on my personal Facebook page that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

One of Evil’s step sisters (RL) asked for our address because she wanted to send me something.

I received this gift of love on Oct 6,2017…


It’s a handmade shawl made from the ladies of her church.

It came with a very beautiful card and she wrote me a very nice note to go with it.

I am a horrible photographer so the picture does not do it justice. I thought I had gotten the green in the picture to be close to what color it is but I didn’t. The green is a much more creamy color.

Instantly I have a connection with this beautiful gift… several.

It looks like a doily when it’s laid out like I put it.

Oh this alone is enough for ...

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Ranks and Achievements

October 1, 2017 Invictus Sanguine Horde  No comments

We no longer have ranks in our family group.


  1. We found that most people did not want to do what was asked of them to gain the ranks.
  2. We were accused of playing favorites.
  3. Ranks within a Second Life group are meaningless to the Bloodlines System of rank

Our first time around in Second Life and Bloodlines was a shit show at best when it came to ranks.

We tried very hard to build a system of fairness based on ones effort with the family. Unfortunately this did not work for many reasons.

One of the problems we were met with was that we were told that our expectations of our highest ranks (Royals) were too high.

What were those expectations above what we expected out of others in our Horde?

To organize and hold at least one event of their choosing per month and to be very active (and mode...

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A New Family Model

October 1, 2017 Invictus Sanguine Horde  No comments

A New Family Model – We had to lower our standards (Sad but true)

Our first time around in SL/Bloodlines, we tried to have a very medieval family model with ranks that people gained. It didn’t go very well.

This time around we are thinking that many Bloodlines players may want to have a more modern approach and one not quite so rigid.

We have learned quite a bit from our first go around in Second Life. We believe that a more nomadic lifestyle may be the balance for all.

We used to have family land.

HUGE family land with many many levels. We had family land that impressed anyone who came to visit. But beyond that, rarely did we have anyone come to actually use it. It costs $300 USD a month to rent a full sim...

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